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Asphalt Removal and Replacement

Like everything Asphalt pavements have their life. After a certain period the surface of the pavement diminishes and inherent cracks appear. These cracks take in water and as a result the underlying surface is destabilised and hence extensive damage occurs to the whole pavement. To repair such a problem the existing asphalt is removed and the substrate is reinstated and a new layer of asphalt is laid.


Asphalt Resurfacing or Overlaying

Instances when the damage to the asphalt surface is extensive like depressions resulting in standing water or extensive branched cracking of the surface over a large part of the pavement, the ideal solution to such problems is resurfacing the whole surface. Resurfacing or Overlay involves preparation and cleaning of the base area, levelling of depressions and grinding of ridges. Further an even layer of Asphalt is laid upon the cleaned and prepared surface.


Asphalt Repair and Patching

Potholes are a common occurrence when water seeps into a particular point in the pavement which has unsealed cracks, which expands and enlarges the crack upon freezing. Upon melting of the ice the space left leads to falling of the surrounding material into the void and hence a pothole is created. Such potholes are properly cleaned and repaired with hot and cold asphalt.



Sometimes while renewing a pavement, to level up the surface and to not exceed a certain level while laying asphalt, a part of the road of a specified thickness is removed from the road. Special equipments with very high accuracy are employed to mill the road surface to the required level.


Seal Coating & Crack filling

In order to increase the durability of the pavement and to increase the lifetime of an asphalt pavement seal coating layer is provided. Upon crack sealing and subsequent seal coating, it seals the road surface from potential damage that can be caused due to water, oil and other external factors.



Striping is important demarcation to ensure implementation of certain rules and also provide information about the usage of certain areas. It is an important road safety measure. Striping demands use of high quality paint and is expected to last very long. The paint is usually reflective, skid free, durable and weather resistant.