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Asphalt or concrete. Driveways or parking lots. Demolition or Excavation. No problem, PaveDMV provides the solutions optimum to your needs. We take up your tasks with complete professionalism and deliver the results that surpass your expectations.



Sidewalks are an important feature in any road. Use and application of the right kind and amount of material would result in a surface that would provide pedestrian and cyclist friendly surface that will stand the test of time. Concrete sidewalks are very popular and durable.


Curb & Gutter

Every road is lined by a curb and the drainage is facilitated by a gutter. These are important features and if properly done can result in increasing the life of the pavement as it safeguards the road from deteriorating from the sides as well as helps draining out all the water. PaveDMV can execute these with proper quality and workmanship.


Dumpster Pads

Due to heavy wear and tear due to handling of dumpster pads, use of heavy concrete in its base is important. PaveDMV can execute this task in order for the dumpster pads to withstand rough handling by heavy trucks leading to cracks.



Concrete repairs are also important for maintaining its consistency and thus resolve cracks, and other damage to the structure. We ensure its regular service and healthiness.